The Thoughtful Side of Homecoming Floats

The color and fun plus the legal and safety issues
There never seems to be enough time to design, build and decorate homecoming floats. Itís such a hugely exciting thing to do and so much work goes into putting it all together. Whether the parade is going to take place around the school grounds or it will actually make its way out into the community, the homecoming floats need to create a spectacle that encourages everyone to join in the team spirit and celebrate the school, the students and the teams.

Observe the local laws
Homecoming floats that are intended to travel through city streets may need to comply with city regulations so always contact your local government officials first for any necessary applications and approvals. Safety is a prime consideration so think of the structural features first and the decorative ones later. How many people will populate the float as it travels will determine how strong it needs to be and how they will hold on in the event that the ride gets a little bumpy.

Know the route before building the floats
Map out the route – again in consultation with your local government – and work out what the best vantage points will be. If there are lots of overhead views, the best homecoming floats will be those that are visible from above as well as from street level. Spectators in high-rise apartment buildings will be disappointed if they can’t see what’s going on from their windows.

Insurance issues
Contact truck companies or interested participants to secure towing bookings for your homecoming floats. Meanwhile, find out if you need to arrange event insurance on the whole or for each individual driver and float. A trial run is a good idea to make sure the truck can tow the weight and shape of the float. The last thing you want on such a fun and festive day is to have legal issues arising from damages or injuries.

Height and length restrictions
All homecoming floats should be subject to specifications on height and length. If the route travels under low power lines or overpasses, then height will of course be an important consideration. As far as length goes, be mindful of your community. If the route consists of mostly residential streets, then a big parade of endless 50-feet semi trailers is not going to be popular.

Set a budget
While one group may want to go all-out with a no-expense-spared extravaganza, another might want to stick to a low budget, yet highly creative idea. By setting a budget for all homecoming floats, it means that no one feels inferior. Besides, sometimes the less money there is to spend, the more ingenious the design!

Best float contest
One way to ensure the high quality of the homecoming floats is to conduct a contest into which all are entered. There can be categories for ‘Best Float’, ‘Most Creative Idea’, ‘Best Use of Recycled Materials’, and so on. The winners are announced at the homecoming game.

The design and building of the homecoming floats requires a great deal of enthusiasm and participation from the various teams. The huge reward comes on the day of the parade when everyone gets to see their ideas come to fruition and maybe even with that ‘Best Float’ prize!


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